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An afternoon stroll in Santa María la Ribera

My new neighborhood claimed it could make me many memories. I’ve been here since September and can believe it to be true, though graffiti won over the wall that had told me so in an ongoing battle between the street … Continue reading

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¡Pinche Gringo!

Your history textbook seems a bit wishy-washy about the Mexican-American War. There’s a romantic illustration of gallant soldiers on decorated horses, and the details of whom invaded whom and why are glossed over. The main takeaway for the exam is … Continue reading

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Somewhere, Beyond the Smog

Mexico City: smog. Mexico City: land of many buildings lumped together and on top of each other to form a massive urban sprawl. Mexico City: honking horns and piles of angry traffic. Mexico City…first impressions do not lie, but they … Continue reading

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