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Somewhere, Beyond the Smog

Mexico City: smog. Mexico City: land of many buildings lumped together and on top of each other to form a massive urban sprawl. Mexico City: honking horns and piles of angry traffic. Mexico City…first impressions do not lie, but they … Continue reading

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Imagination Defines Everything, an Interview with Julio Estrada

Julio Estrada is a musical creator, theoretician, historian, pedagogue, and interpreter from Mexico. Julio Estrada’s musical foundations are rooted in nature, history, and heritage. However, his knowledge of cutting-edge music technology stretch his work toward the future. He believes in … Continue reading

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Inspired by Mexico: Mocre

Mocre is a visual artist who transforms organic shapes into geometric patterns. Follow him on Facebook and Instagram.  Living in a grand city, sparks of inspiration fly out from everywhere. I can find the pull listening to the radio, on … Continue reading

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